For $65 you can join The Squash Factory as a social member for 12 months, enjoying the following perks.

  •  $5 court hire per member* before 4pm, every day of the week.
  • 4:30pm - 5:30pm 2 members pay $9 each  ($18 per court)  member playing non member is $24 per court.
  •  $10 squash per member* after 8pm on weeknights.
  • Members rates on racquets and merchandise from the SQF Pro Shop. 

*If two members are playing they pay $5 or $10 each, depending on time as illustrated above. 

*If a member and non-member are playing, the member pays $5 or $10, and the non-member     pays half the regular court price ($11 or $13).

* If 3 players are on court : member pays $5 ,non members $8.50 each.

Contact us for more details on how to join.